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Dear readers, welcome to a fresh start in 2011. Last year, we've been asked many times - how can I be more effective in my research?
Research Workflow


To help you, we organised our training materials, and divided them into 5 easy stages for you to follow.

Click on the left image to see the Research Workflow.

I would also like to have your feedback - if the workflow is helpful? How can it be improved? Feel free to share this with colleagues & friends!

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Q: How do I understand a research topic's development and trend quickly?

Step 1
Go to Web of Science ( Enter "Influenza" AND "H1N1" under search field Topic. Click Search button.


Step 2
There are many articles. Click "Create Citation Report" button to get the research trend.


Step 3
Look at Published Items in Each Year - this shows you a distribution bar chart showing published items in each year for "Influenza" and "H1N1" records over last 20 years.


Step 4
Look at Citations in Each Year - this shows a distribution chart showing citations in each year for "Influenza" and "H1N1" records over last 20 years.


Step 5
The total Results, Sum of Times Cited, Average Citations per Item and h-index are found here.


Try it now - log on to Web of Science.



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